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My name is Jeff.  I'm the single father of 3 boys.  I've created this site as place for not only single fathers, but anyone who wants to get information on topics that can be beneficial in helping us navigate the landscape of parenting.

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My Story

When I graduated high school, I decided to join the U.S. Navy.  While in the Navy I was a submarine SONAR Technician and Ship's Diver.  After 4 years I got out and looked to pursue other interests. Around that time, we were attacked on 9/11.  So, I decided to rejoin the military.  This time it was the Army National Guard.  In total I served 6 years in the Army, with one of those deployed in Afghanistan.  Upon returning from Afghanistan, I enrolled in college to become a nurse.  In 2007 I graduated as a Registered Nurse.  That same year I finished my military career with 10 years of service.  During my first few years in nursing...I worked in the Emergency Room, Operating Room and Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU).  In 2011 the hospital I worked at started exploring the ability to develop an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.  I was tasked to help develop a portion of the system along with other healthcare providers and IT professionals.  Once the hospital had been digitally converted, I wanted something more than what I had been doing.  So, I taught myself SQL programming and joined the reporting team.  We were tasked with generating reports based upon requests received from various role players within the hospital system.  Basically finding answers to questions to help drive decision making. When I left the hospital in 2019, I was a Senior Business Intelligence Developer.

Now, this is where I'll describe what drove me to creating this site.  in 2012, my wife and I welcomed our first son.  As with all parents, there was a pretty big learning curve.  But, we figured it.  When my wife went back to work, we were on opposite shifts.  She worked evenings and I during the day.  We were a couple of passing ships.  It was then I really got a taste of what it was like to be alone as a parent.  Over the next few years, we had developed a good routine and welcomed two more boys.  Around the spring of 2018, my wife started having stomach pain and digestion issues.  She also being a nurse, felt like something just wasn't right.  So she went to see some doctors, which all told her she was young and healthy.  Only after constantly battling for additional tests, did they finally order what she asked for. Which led to the discovery she had an advanced form of pancreatic cancer.  Despite a  major surgery and specialized chemotherapy at a top hospital, my wife passed away only after 8 months from her diagnosis.  Writing this still brings up hard memories, but this is where my story begins.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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